Sylwia Badowska

Sylwia Badowska, PhD is a lecturer of the Department of Marketing of the Faculty of Management at the University of Gdaňsk in Sopot, Poland. She specialises in research and analysis of consumer markets. Over the last three years, she has been dealing with comparative research focused on identification of older people behaviour and attitude towards the technological innovations in the countries of Central Europe. Since 2016, she has been collecting data, at first in Poland and Slovenia. Her respondents are mainly participants of universities of the third age. She published her results in the scientific journals which deal with consumer demand and which enable to design technology products adapted to the needs of local consumers. In 2018, she continued her research also in the Czech Republic, where her respondents were participants of universities of the third age at Masaryk Unversity and Mendel University. She develops the idea of innovation in the field of the behaviour of consumers – older people.