Monika Christoph

Monika Christoph (PhD) - employed as an assistant professor at the Continuing Education and Vocational Counseling Department of the Faculty of Educational Studies of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan since 2010 and as a school pedagogue - vocational counselor at primary school. A member of the Polish Pedagogical Society, Polish Professiological Society and the Work Pedagogy Team at the Pedagogical Sciences Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Specialist for adult education - andragogue, vocational and personal advisor, trainer. She actively conducts academic classes and trainings for teachers, employers and employees at various levels for 10 years. Her scientific interests and experience are focused around the issues of professional and personal counseling, development and vocational training, project management, learning organizations, employee policy in public and private institutions, as well as shaping entrepreneurial and innovative attitudes among young people and mature employees. Author of publications in Polish and English, a monograph entitled Manager competences and inter-employee relations in a learning organization (2011) and books co-edited on the topic: Socio-educational potential of the school and the labor market (2020), also Adult education and planning educational and professional careers (2020) as well as the implementer of educational and consulting projects.