About the ICOLLE Conference

Conference history

The first international conference ICOLLE (International Conference of Lifelong Learning) was organised on 8th and 9th September 2009 on the occasion of 90th anniversary of the founding of Mendel University in Brno. The aim of the conference was the assessment of current trends in lifelong learning and sharing of experience of academic staff engaged in this issue. Therefore, at the ICOLLE 2009 conference, the attention was paid to the topics from the field of further professional education, education of pedagogical staff and older people.

ICOLLE conference provides an opportunity for a wide range of professionals from the field of education to present their contributions, which theoretically, empirically, methodologically or practically related to lifelong learning. Moreover, it enables publication of outcomes of ongoing as well as already finished research and projects, amongst others also within the diploma or dissertation theses. From its beginnings, the conference focuses on the field of lifelong learning.

It is thus intended for university staff, scientific workers, secondary school teachers, as well as master‘s or doctoral programme students, including the general professional public for which the issue is relevant. Leading experts in the field of education, public administration and local government, the application sphere and practice, leading representatives of universities and other public institutions or professional associations and in particular scientific workers are invited to attend and present at the conference.

The aim of the conference is mutual support and awareness of new trends in the field of lifelong learning which may increase the quality or innovate teaching and other processes in education, legislation concerning education, training of the pedagogical staff and other professions and, last but not least, also the domain of older people education. Finally, the conference provides an opportunity for meeting and exchange of experience amongst experts from many different countries.

ICOLLE conference proceedings

Year Proceedings Date of event Download
2020 ICOLLE 2020 International Conference Proceedings 9. 9. 2020 March/April 2021
2019 ICOLLE 2019 International Conference Proceedings 17.-18. 9. 2019 Download
2018 ICOLLE 2018 International Conference Proceedings 18.–19. 9. 2018 Download
2017 ICOLLE 2017 International Conference Proceedings 12.–13. 9. 2017 Download
2016 ICOLLE 2016 International Conference Proceedings 13.–14. 9. 2016 Download
2015 ICOLLE 2015 International Conference Proceedings 15.–16. 9. 2015 Download
2014 ICOLLE 2014 International Conference Proceedings 16.–17. 9. 2014 Download
2013 ICOLLE 2013 International Conference Proceedings 17.–18. 9. 2013 Download
2012 ICOLLE 2012 International Conference Proceedings 18.–19. 9. 2012 Download
2011 ICOLLE 2011 International Conference Proceedings 13.–14. 9. 2011 Download
2010 ICOLLE 2010 International Conference Proceedings 14.–15. 9. 2010 Download

Other publications issued by Institute of Lifelong Learning MENDELU

Year of issue Title Download
2013 Celoživotní učení v podmínkách středních a vysokých škol
(Lifelong Learning under the Conditions of Secondary Schools and Universities)
2013 Profese učitele odborných předmětů
(Profession of a Vocational Subjects Teacher)
2013 Vybrané trendy celoživotního učení v České republice a dalších státech Evropské unie
(Selected Trends in Lifelong Learning in the Czech Republic and Other European Union Countries)
2015 Rozvoj kompetencí vzdělavatelů v kontextu moderního pojetí vzdělávání
(Development of Educators‘ Competences in the Context of Modern Concept of Education)