International Scientific Conference


17th 18th September 2019

Institute of Lifelong Learning
at Mendel University in Brno

Sustainability in Education –
Past, Present and Future

Conference Topic

In the context of a growing world population and limited natural resources, education for sustainable development has become a very topical issue for both general public and expert discussions. It turns out that education for sustainable development is perceived to be one of many ways how to influence people‘s thinking and behaviour towards the reducing of negative impacts on people‘s lives and the environment itself.

Not surprisingly, education for sustainable development occurs in the form of products offered by institutions of formal and non-formal education for a wide range of age groups. In general, this topic has proved to be also very important for lifelong learning.

Nevertheless, in connection with this discussion and trend, another fundamental question withers away:

To what extent is the education itself sustainable,
when our culture and the related particular issues build on it?


In this context, many questions may arise. Answers to those may give rise to some concern or even fear. To what extent, eventually for how long, is the situation sustainable, for example, in the following areas:

  • ensuring quality education by a sufficient number of educated teachers at primary schools, secondary schools and universities
  • general support and increasing of teachers‘ reputation as a key prerequisite for the development of erudition
  • further education, professional development, career code
  • financing and investment in the educational system
  • support of apprenticeship and secondary vocational education
  • assessment and evaluation system for students of primary schools, secondary schools and universities
  • support of students with specific needs
  • the scope of academic staff activities concerning the evaluation of science and research
  • the flexibility of the educational system considering the needs of society and labour market
  • development of skills of older people in connection with the demographic trends and increasing demands
  • social responsibility, eventually civic activities of pupils, students and the general public
  • adaptability of the population to the turbulent political-economical environment and technological progress

What is the purpose of the conference?

The aim of the 11th international conference of lifelong learning ICOLLE 2019 – Sustainability in Education. Past, Present and Future  is to review current trends in the sustainability in education with regard to lifelong learning from the point of view of both empirical research and practical experience and discuss possibilities of their further development.

We welcome contributions of theoretical, empirical, methodological or practical nature dealing with the given topic as well as outcomes of the ongoing or already finished student research or projects (diploma or dissertation theses).

Who is the conference intended for?

The conference aims at all those who deal with the issues connected to education in their professional activities and who are interested in the chosen topic – university staff,  scientific workers, teachers, counsellors, master‘s or doctoral programme students, professionals in the field of further and non-formal education including the general professional public.

What will be the output?

Reviewed proceedings with the contributions will be the output of the conference.

Further, the participants have the opportunity to offer their expanded papers for publication in the reviewed scientific Journal of Lifelong Learning.

The conference organizers reserve the right to choose the contributions.

ICOLLE 2019 conference program

Tuesday 17th September 2019


Registration of the participants



Opening ceremony

Plenary meeting




Session meetings


Coffee Break / Poster section


Session meetings


Social evening

Wednesday 18th September 2019


Plenary session / Conclusions of the conference





Main speakers of the conference ICOLLE 2019