Sonia Wawrzyniak

Sonia Wawrzyniak (PhD) - employed as an assistant professor in the Department of General Didactics of the Faculty of Educational Studies of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań and as a school pedagogue  at primary school. Particularly interested in the subject of children and youth with learning difficulties, social communication processes and cooperation with the environment. She has developed her own optional programs of classes for students, such as: Adults in the face of difficult emotions and situations in the child's life, and Prevention, diagnosis and therapy of school failures, Work with a difficult child. Sonia Wawrzyniak is the Ambassador of the Adam Mickiewicz University. As part of various projects, he conducts workshops, trainings and consultations for teachers, parents and children and young people in the field of sociotherapeutic techniques in caring and educational work, didactic and educational difficulties and failures, as well as shaping motivation in the educational process. A member of the Polish Pedagogical Society and Youth Pedagogy Team at the Pedagogical Sciences Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Author of publications in Polish and English as well as book co-edited on the topic: Socio-educational potential of the school and the labor market (2020).